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 Donation Warehouse

Donation Warehouse is the premier fundraiser for The Parenting Place.

We pickup and sell used furniture, used appliances and more at our store to raise money to help fund the prevention of child abuse by supporting The Parenting Place.

All items are donated to The Parenting Place and Donation Warehouse helps to collect, repair, clean and sell these items as a fundraiser for The Parenting Place.

We receive and have for sale donations of used furniture, appliances, junk vehicles,  yard equipment and more from individuals and supporting businesses. We collect, repair, refurbish and sell these items at a fraction of the “new” price.

Donations are tax deductible and free pickup is available in Missoula. By donating or shopping at Donation Warehouse, you are helping us support The Parenting Place and their services.

Visit Donation Warehouse at:

1804 North Ave W in Missoula, MT.
Call us at: 406-240-4042
or visit their website: www.donationwarehouse.net

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