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The Parenting Place and Donation Warehouse announce $1 Million Milestone Reached  


Marilyn Thorn, Executive Director
The Parenting Place


(Missoula, Montana)Donation Warehouse has supported The Parenting Place’s mission of preventing child abuse and neglect through strengthening families by donating over $1 Million over the last 18 years. What started out as a yard sale in 2003, has grown into Donation Warehouse, a family-owned business that picks up, processes, and resells donated furniture and appliances as a fundraiser for The Parenting Place. Nearly 50% of The Parenting Place’s annual budget comes from these items sold. Not only does Donation Warehouse provide a steady source of funding for a local non-profit, they are also able to offer quality items to customers at affordable prices. This funding has allowed The Parenting Place to continue to be the only agency in Missoula whose sole mission is the prevention of child abuse and neglect.  


“We are so thankful for the flexible funding that comes from Donation Warehouse. This allows us to fill gaps in our community and has allowed us to never turn anyone away due to their inability to pay for services,” 
states Marilyn Thorn, Executive Director for The Parenting Place.


Most recently, these funds were used to develop a strategic re-brand and website to create a greater reach to provide premium services to at-risk families, parents and children who are in need of support and education, and our overall community.  The Parenting Place is currently offering the following classes to fulfill their mission:

  • Nurturing Parenting Program – Teaches a wide variety of topics and skills suitable for all families.

  • Trauma 101 – A course for organizations to become Trauma-Informed to better help their employees, families, and community.

  • PASTA – Parenting a Second Time Around – Helps develop skills and techniques for caregivers who are not the biological parents.

  • ACEs Training – Teaches about the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study and is a great training for anyone who is interested about the effects of childhood trauma.

  • Incarceration Support – Provides support and education for individuals living in Missoula Pre-Release Center and Missoula County Detention Center.


The Parenting Place’s mission is ongoing.  They are planning to continue to use the funding from Donation Warehouse to create more educational opportunities for families and our community.

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About The Parenting Place

The Parenting Place is a community-based, non-profit organization whose mission since 1981, is the prevention of child abuse and neglect through strengthening families. Our goals are to help families develop healthy parent-child relationships, to improve the futures of our children and ensure healthy families. 

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